Know The Game.

Fanmetra empowers you to better serve your fans. Using state-of-the-art, text-message artificial intelligence, Fanmetra instantly helps you understand what your fans like and don’t like, what motivates their buying choices, and even predicts how they’ll engage over time.

No more slow, tedious email surveys or scanning social media feeds to learn how people feel. Fanmetra gives you everything you need, the instant your fans tell you.

How to Get started

Text the fans

Generate a list of question you would like to send out to the fans and send them to specific groups such as season ticket holders or first-time attendees.​

Let the fans text you

Display the questions on the jumbotron with a number to text and allow the entire stadium or arena to communicate with you at once.

Learn what they think

Fans can anonymously reply with what they are happy about, upset with, and what needs to be changed at the venue.

Get instant feedback

We use AI technology powered by Mandy AI to generate a summary of your fans' responses, and let you know what matters most.

Learn more about Fanmetra by downloading our brouchure below!


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